ScpToolkit 1.7 Free Download For Windows

If you need to Connect your Sony Controllers or PS3 Controllers on a Windows 11 PC, you can Download & use ScpToolKit Windows 11 Software for that Free.

ScpToolKit Open Source Free Driver for Windows 11, Windows 10, and Windows 8. And also That is XInput Wrapper For Sony DualShock 4 or DualShock 3 Controllers. The Latest Version of ScpToolkit It mainly develops to support the latest version of Windows 11.

Download For Windows

That develop by GitHub. So that is the Best open-source project for Free Download. There have been 42 Releases, 2 Branches, 44 Tags, 1078 commits, and 529 Forks. The latest ScpToolKit is the BETA version Pre-release on 12 Apr 2016. They fixed a stupid mistake. 29 People Reacted to the GitHub release.

If you need to Connect your Sony Controllers or PS3 Controllers on a Windows 11 PC, you can use ScpToolKit Windows 11 Software for that Free Download.

Technical Details of ScpToolKit

Name of Application ScpToolKit
License Free
Support OS Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8
Language English
Size 21 MB
Developer nefarious

Keypoint Of ScpToolKit Download

  • No Limitation.
  • Free to Download and Use.
  • Support Windows OS Only. (Better to Windows 11)
  • Very easy to use.
  • Best Windows DualShock Controller Application.
  • User-friendly user interface.
  • Open Source.
ScpToolKit Software install and Download

Two Types of Users ScpToolKit Download

  1. Beginners can use this software to Enable Sony Controllers or PS3 Controllers on a Windows PC.
  2. Advanced Users can use this Application to change or Customize the Application's different needs their according. (That is the best type of User ScpToolKit, Because Enabling features is not more suitable for anyone. Must need to customize).

What is Installation Requirements

  • Operating System Must be Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8
  • .NET Framework 4.5
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Runtime
  • DirectX Runtime
  • Xbox 360 Controller driver
  • Bluetooth Reciever (Ex. Bluetooth Dongle) or USB Cable
  • Sony Controllers or PS3 Controllers

How to Download ScpToolKit Windows 11 PC

  1. First, you must download the ScpToolKit Application. Go to the Top of the page, and click the Download button.
  2. Choose a location to save the Application.
  3. After Downloading is Completed, you can Start Installation.

How to Install ScpToolKit on Windows 11 PC

  1. First ScpToolKit Download Software.
  2. Connect your Sony Controllers or PS3 Controllers to your PC using a USB Cable.
  3. Now Double, click the ScpToolKit Application.
  4. When it asks you where you want to save it. Keep Default location. 
  5. Tick the In Agree of License terms and conditions.
  6. Now start the installation process.
  7. Whens Complete Installation, you should hear the little ring and see that pop-up here.
  8. Now click the Green Box to run any driver installer.
  9. Now you can see ScpToolKit Driver installer Windows,
    1. Check the Install Bluetooth Driver
    2. Install DualShock 3 Driver.
    3. Choose Bluetooth dongles to install.
    4. Choose DualShock 3 controllers to install.
  10. Finally, Click the Install button on the page's Right side.
  11. Now, you see a pop-up message again. That shows the Installation is successful.

How to use SCP Monitor?

That SCP monitors the default application of ScpToolKit. That application indicates the Host Address, Pad One, USB Charging, and more. When you do not connect to your Controller, that does not show it.

How to Check It Works?

  • Go to the Control Panel.
  • Click the Hardware and Sound.
  • Click Devices and Printers.
  • Select your Controllers Device.
  • Click the Device and Go to the Properties. 
  • Control your Controllers to check whether they work or Not.

Old Version of ScpToolKit

  • ScpToolkit v1.7.277.16103-BETA (Latest) - Download
  • ScpToolkit v1.7.276.16101-BETA - Download
  • ScpToolkit v1.6.238.16010 - Download
  • ScpToolkit v1.6.237.16008 - Download
  • ScpToolkit v1.6.229.15365 - Download
  • ScpToolkit v1.6.212.15353-BETA - Download
  • ScpToolkit v1.6.208.15353-BETA - Download

ScpToolKit Alternative and Similar Application

  • Shibari
  • InputMapper
  • MotionInJoy DS3 Tool
  • Better DS3

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Using ScpToolKit All of you can Customize your Game Controller Any button you need to like. So Scptoolkit Download is accessible to your Game Play Experience. But if you have any problem or question we are ready to write the Solution for that. You can see some of the Question and Answer about ScpToolKit.

Is Scptoolkit a malware?

No, Its 100% Safe. Always turn on your PC Windows defender. If you Download it from the Website, this application its safe.

What is Scptoolkit used for?

ScpToolKit is always combined with Xbox 360 Controller. So you need to connect your controller to a windows PC, and you must need this application.

How to uninstall ScpToolKit?

If you need to uninstall the ScpToolKit application on your Windows pc? That is easy to process. First, you need to Open the ScpToolKit Application .exe. Second Find the remove button. Then click the button. 

Why is Scptoolkit not working?

That have not one reason for not working this application on your PC. Try this solution for that. 

  • Try another USB Cable to Use.
  • Try another Bluetooth receiver.
  • Install the Latest Version of the ScpToolKit Application.